E-Recruiting aus Bewerbersicht: Der Einfluss von Persönlichkeit und Einstellung auf die Nutzung von Online-Bewerbungsverfahren

by Jennifer Pommerien

First contact between applicants and companies is more and more often initiated via electronic application procedures like e-mail and online application forms. Employers thereby save costs and time and attain higher quality standards throughout the whole selection procedure (Weitzel, König, Laumer, Eckhardt & von Stetten, 2009). It remains, however, often unstudied how applicants assess these different procedures. The present study therefore aims to identify factors affecting the use of different online application procedures in a sample of N = 183. Different attitude components, as based on the Theory of Planned Behaviour by Icek Ajzen (1985), as well as different trait dimensions are assessed. Results show correlations between neuroticism, Internet self-efficacy as well as the components taken from Ajzens model, and the intention to use online application forms. Moreover, differences between users and non-users of online application forms emerged. Regression analyses show, in addition, that applicants’ attitudes with regard to different risks and chances of web forms, subjective norm with regard to co-applicants and earlier experience in particular predict the intention to use online application forms.

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