Consumer susceptibility to interpersonal influence and effectiveness of advertising
 – Construction of a German version of the ‘CSII’ scale and testing for the use in media and advertisement psychology

by Jens Woelke & Andrea Dürager

While scales assessing personality traits such as ‘need for cognition’, ‘need for closure’, or ‘need for affect’ as well as situational factors such as ‘involvement’ or ‘persuasion knowledge’ are popular in advertisement and consumer research, another aspect – much discussed in personality and social psychology – gained little attention: The fact, that humans systematically differ their general susceptibility to social influence. The present article reports the translation of the ‘consumer susceptibility to interpersonal influence’ scale CSII from Bearden, Netemeyer, and Teel (1989) to a German version (CSII-D) as well as tests of its psychometric properties. It shows that the CSII-D meets the requirements of a reliable measurement: First applicatio