The impact of creative aspects in illuminant advertising on the visual attention and recall ability of consumers

by Björn Badura, Sanaz Maafi & Annette Kluge

By means of an eye tracker the present study tried to answer the question how digital signage has to be designed in order to be effective, operationalized as the highest possible visual attention, and a high recall rate. The eye movements of 60 participants, split into control and experimental condition, was recorded. Participants saw photographs depicting the pedestrian zone of Düsseldorf that showed illuminant digital signs constructed in different ways. The stimulus materials were experimentally varied with regard to size and illumination. In addition, the effect of involvement and mood on visual attention and recall ability were controlled for. The study revealed that big and illuminated digital signage was looked at significantly longer than digital signage without those design features. The effect was unaffected by mood and involvement.