Recruiting from an applicant’s point of view: Use and appraisal

by Meinald T. Thielsch, Lisa Träumer, Leoni Pytlik & Uwe Peter Kanning

We examined 12 different techniques of attracting applicants in personnel recruiting in a study with N = 1630 participants. Most frequently used were job advertisements in newspapers, on corporate websites, and on job websites - those three as well gained the most positive evaluations. Our study shows that e-recruiting (except for online business games) is widely accepted among potential applicants. We analyzed specific differences as well as similarities between 12 different occupational groups: While the three most used recruiting methods are well known and accepted in all groups, there are specific pattern for the other methods. The knowledge of such pattern can help companies to improve their recruiting processes by well-directed addressing potential applicants. Key Words: Recruiting, E-Recruiting, Applicant, occupational groups, staffing

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