Match me if you can: A exploratory study to describe how Tinder is used

by Wera Aretz (Hochschule Fresenius, Köln)

Tinder, a smartphone app, which was invented in the United States in 2012, spreading rapidly in Germany and is commonly associated with mobile dating. The aim of this study was to first describe Tinder based on functional aspects which allow to explain the popularity. Based on an online survey a sample of N = 817 participants was analysed. The results show that Tinder is especially popular among younger participants and satisfies various intrapsychic (e. g. pastimes / amusement, security / closeness, self-affirmation) and interactional needs (e. g. communication, flirt, sex). These differ depending on sex and relationship status. The meaning of the results will be discussed from a theoretical and practical point of view.

Key Words: Mobile-Dating, Tinder, Over-Choice-Effect

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