For men only? How gender marketing establishes implicit attitudes exemplified by Coca-Cola

by Kathrin Schütz, Sarah Sprenger und Franz Falkenauer

Gender marketing aims to handle the consumers´ needs by gender-specific approaches in a better way (Jaffe & Riedel, 2011). Coca-Cola´s brand strategy indicates that target groups shall be tapped by their gender. The present paper goes into this matter: In a study, a sample of N = 75 was asked about implicit and explicit attitudes in order to measure whether these attitudes were based on a gender-specific patterns. By means of an Implicit Association Test (IAT) and a standardised questionnaire, it was shown that the congruent category pairings (Coca-Cola light & female, Coca-Cola zero & male) were associated more strongly than the incongruent ones. Furthermore, there were links between the unconscious attitudes and the brands´ evaluations and the products´ purchase probability.

Keywords: gender marketing, gender, gender-specific advertising, IAT, implicit attitudes

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